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Account Setup: Alerts & Reports in CX Social

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 05:57AM EDT
Setting Alerts and Reports for topics or dashboards  in your CX Social account is something you can do in the Account Settings. You will be able to set report intervals and notifications for specific profiles and topics and even push notifications for your mobile phone when scheduled posts fail. 

You can see alerts of what is happening within CX Social via our reports and notifications feature. It is also within this section where you will be able to add and edit these settings.

●  Reports
●  Notifications

In the Reports section you get to option to be notified by e-mail of what’s happening in CX Social for a specific project or dashboard.

You can choose to receive a report daily or weekly. If  you wish to never receive a report, this option is available as well. Also, you have the option between project reports and dashboard reports. A project report will give you a summary overview of the total volume, trend, popular videos, photo's and other KPI's for that project. A dashboard report will give you a full overview of a specific custom dashboard. 

Note: the topics that aren’t in a project will be combined in one topics group.

If you are an Administrator in CX Social and you want to decide which user should receive which report and when, this is possible by clicking on the 'all users' tab.
You will then get an overview of all the users in your account and in this way, you will be able to edit the settings for who received reports and who doesn't. You can edit this by just clicking on the status, you will then get a little pop-up screen where you can decide how often the report should be sent to the user(s). 

Note: Reports are being sent out at 3AM CEST 

Topic Notifications 

Notifications on the other hand give you the option to get notified of new incoming mentions per topic by e-mail, or in case you would like to receive a notification each time a new mention matching a specific filter lands in your inbox, you can create an automation recipe where you can enable this.

If you select the first option, you will just be able to decide how often you want to receive new updates for incoming mentions per topic: every 15 minutes, hourly, daily or never. 

Automation Notifications 
If you want to receive notifications for incoming mentions matching a specific filter, you can create an automation recipe that will send you a notification via email or a push notification on your phone. These automation recipes can be setup in the account settings > automation rules.

Publisher Notifications 

Here you can subscribe to your connected social profiles to receive mail of phone notifications when a message is waiting for approval and when a scheduled post fails. Please keep in mind that these settings only apply to the user who alters the settings.




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