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Account setup: Integrations in CX Social

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017 10:58AM EDT
In this Support Article we will tell you more about how you can connect your CX Social account to various services. To make it easier for you, we added some common CRM systems to CX Social. This integration is available for both the professional and the enterprise plans. It’s also possible to add your own custom integration.
A lot of companies work with customer support applications, like Zendesk, to get a clear overview of all the channels their customers use to reach out to them. To help streamline the customer support process, we made it possible to integrate CX Social with Zendesk.
Once you've set up the integration, you can start using Zendesk from within CX Social. You'll then be able to: 
All actions will take place in the Inbox and are either based on a mention or mention authors. 
If you want to integrate Desk, click the Desk button. You'll see a pop-up window asking you for the domain. The domain is the word standing between 'http://' and '' in your URL (in this case, the company name).

You'll then be redirected to Desk where you'll have to grant CX Social access. Simply check the 'Grant Access' box and click the OK button. 

You'll be taken back to CX Social where you'll see Desk added to the list of active integrations. 

To integrate Salesforce, click the Salesforce button. You'll see a pop-up window asking your for Username, Password, and Token. 


Your Username and Password here are the same ones you use to log into Salesforce. The Token needed can be found in Salesforce under 'Your name' > My Settings > Personal > Reset Security Token.

You'll then receive an e-mail containing the token. 

Once everything is filled in, click Connect and you'll see Salesforce added to the list of active integrations. 

If you already have a Bitly account, you can use it from within CX Social as well. This will give you some extra advantages like using your custom domain in links, or seeing the accumulated CTR for several links on Bitly itself. To use your own Bitly account, please follow the next steps. 

You can either start by clicking "connect you Bitly account" in Personal Settings > Preference where you turn the Bitly setting on

You will then be redirected to CRM Integrations page. Of course you can start from here right away as well. Once you're here, you only have to take two more steps:

1.    Make sure you're logged in to the right Bitly account in your web browser
2.   On Account Settings > Contacts > CRM Integration, click the Bitly button and give permission when you see following pop-up

After this, you will see the integration turn green, this means you're good to go! You can switch your personal account off any time in integrations by clicking the x in the switch bar.

When your integration is turned off, the standard Bitly will be used to shorten your links. To switch shortening off entirely, you should go to settings and switch the shortening off there. 
Adding Your Own Integration

Within CX Social, you have the possibility to add your own Integrations. This is a little technical, but essentially it means that you can define which parameters you want to look for on certain sites. In this way, you can easily search certain pages for a specific type of information.

For instance, you want to have an Integration to easily search for the Klout score of the user whose information sheet you are viewing. You can do this by simply clicking 'add new Integration'. In the new pop-up screen, you can give name/description to your Integration, and add the appropriate URL.

The next step is to select the parameter. This is the type of information you look for in this URL. We divided the parameters into 3 groups: Social Profile, Contact Information, and Custom Fields. In this specific Klout example, you would choose the 'Profile Name' parameter.

You also have the possibility to select which user roles have permission for this Integration. You can select multiple roles by using the shift/ctrl/cmd button. 




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