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Team Chat in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 09:26AM EDT
We all know about the Live Help Chat that allows you to instantly communicate with our Customer Support Team. But did you know there is also a Team Chat functionality? Which has a whole different purpose than the Live Help Chat.
In this Support Article we'll get into this functionality a little further.

ŸŸ● Where to find the Team Chat
ŸŸ● Components
ŸŸ● Differences between Live Help Chat & Team Chat
ŸŸ● Permission

Where to find the Team Chat

The Team (in-app) Chat can be found in the top right corner of CX Social.


ŸŸŸŸ● Members: An overview of all the users in your CX Social account. Each member has a little green (online), orange (away) or grey (offline) dot next to their avatar, which indicates their current status.
ŸŸ● Rooms: All available rooms that were created.

Differences between Live Help Chat & Team Chat

Keep in mind that the Team Chat is very different from the Live Help Chat.

* Ofcourse this chat isn't completely deleted. You can always ask the CX Social Customer Support Team to provide you with the Transcript.


It is possible that not everyone has permission to access the Team Chat (or the Live Help Chat).
Your Admin can grant you access in the Account Settings and edit the Custom User Role.

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