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Different views in the CX Social inbox

Last Updated: May 23, 2017 08:31AM EDT
In CX Social we have multiple ways of customising the look and feel of your inbox. There are three things you can do to change the display:

  ŸŸ● Hide the Context View
  ŸŸ● Toggle the Focus View
  ŸŸ● Collapse the Sidebar

Hide the Context View

If you prefer only working in the Mention List, it's possible to hide the Context View. This function is available in the dropdown next to your filter bar.

When the context view is hidden, your inbox will look like this:

Toggle the Focus View

To help agents hold their focus while working through their mentions, we have developed a Focus View you can activate from within the inbox. You can access this view by clicking the button in the toolbar at the top of your page. 

You'll notice that in Focus View, all side bars, tool bars and other menu items have disappeared. It was created so you can focus purely on the mention you're handling, while having enough context to do so. Basically, you're viewing one mention at a time in its context view

When you're done handling the current mention and you resolve it, you're automatically directed to the following available mention. Taking the mention locking into account, this means the next mention that is not locked by other users.  


Focus view always shows the set of mentions that was selected before clicking the focus view button.  The Mentions list you saw in your selected folder (and filter, if any) for the selected date range are the mentions you'll see passing one by one in focus view. To leave and return to the selected folder in the default inbox lay-out, click the 'Exit this View' button at the top right of your screen.    

Collapse the Sidebar​

We've added the possibility to collapse your sidebar to a smaller version to free up more screen estate in your inbox for a more efficient workflow, or for a wider and more beautiful dashboard. You can choose to collapse the sidebar by clicking the little arrow at the bottom of the sidebar, or we'll collapse the sidebar for you when you're working on small screens (like a tablet computer). 


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