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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 09:30AM EST
CX Social becomes even more powerful when you use it as a team. The workflow features in the CX Social Inbox (such as assigning tasks, creating and approving draft posts, etc.) ensure efficient team work. Thanks to 'User Roles' and 'Custom User Roles'  you can define a user's permissions very precisely. 

You can assign User Roles and define Custom User Roles under Account Settings > Users roles.


Assign User Roles

By default, CX Social offers five User Roles. For each user you add to your CX Social account, you can choose any of these roles. Customers with a higher account plan also have the new User Role Free Analytics Viewer available. 

A Free Analytics Viewer is a user who can view Inbox, Insights, Chart Builder, Account History and Custom Dashboards but can't get Live Help. 

A Viewer is a user who has read-only access to the Inbox, Insights, Chart Builder, Publisher, Account History, Account Settings, Custom Dashboards and Live Help.

Contributor is a user who has more permissions than a Viewer, e.g. can assign mentions to team members, add tags to mentions, create drafts for new messages/replies, etc.

An Editor is a user who has more permissions than a Contributor, and most importantly, this User can post new messages/reply with the social profiles linked to CX Social.

Manager is a user who has nearly all permissions, and most importantly, this User can update the account settings and create, update, and delete topics.

Administrator is a user who has all permissions, and this is the only User that can add, edit, and delete users to/from the account.

If you want to see the permissions for each User Role, just click 'show'. 

Create Custom User Roles

Apart from these standard User Roles, you can also create your own Custom User Roles according to your company's needs. Once these roles have been created, assigning other users happens in the same way as assigning default user roles (see top). Please keep in mind that custom user roles are only available in higher account plans.

Which elements do you have to decide on when creating a new Custom User Role?
  • Title
  • Permissions

If you want a detailed overview of what every permission exactly means, you can read this in the following support article.

  • The Projects & Topics to which this user has access. 
  • Which Permissions this user has with regard to your brands social profiles, e.g. no access/can create drafts and queue messages for approval/can post messages publicly.
  • Which permissions this user has concerning Custom Dashboards: the user can either view & edit, only view or have no access to the Custom Dashboards. 
  • Which Tags are visible in the tag drop-down menu for that user role. 

  • Which Mailboxes and Topics are visible for that user role when opening the drop-down menu in the Inbox, Insights, etc. 

Please keep in mind that all mailboxes in CX Social are based on a topic. If you want a person to be able to access or view a mailbox that specific user role should have permission to access that topic in the Projects & Topic’s section of the Custom User Role page.
For example: If you select two mailboxes “Customer Care English" and “Customer Care French”  the person with the custom user role should have acces to the topic(s) on which the mailboxes are based on to be able to view them. 

Some examples for Custom User Roles:

  • Customer Care: Only access to the topic for your own brand, can post messages with the social profiles used for Customer Care, has all the permissions needed to organize an efficient workflow, but can't change topic and account setup.
  • Marketing: Only has access to the Insights where they can follow up on a brands reputation/marketing campaigns and compare with the competition. They can also make reports based on these analytics.

Additionally customers with the CX Social Enterprise Plan can create their own Free License User Roles which will allow them to create a User Role with very strict limitations without having to worry about their user total.

Free License Users can view certain information with limited access within CX Social. This option makes it easier to give HR or Marketing colleagues access to certain Insights, Dashboards whenever they want to view certain statistics about their campaign.

Copy a custom user role

If you have to create several almost identical custom users roles, you can easily copy an existing (custom) user role, so that you don't have to start all over again. To do this, click 'edit' next to the user role, then on the edit page, scroll all the way down. At the right bottom, you will see the copy button. 

Just click on the 'copy' icon to create a duplicate of the user role. After clicking, you will immediately able to further edit the newly created user role. 


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