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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:08AM EST

In case you'd like to track all activity from a specific social profile (eg. a Facebook Page, Twitter account), you will have to connect the account to CX Social first.

There are 2 ways of connecting a profile to CX Social, depending on whether the profile you'd like to connect is your own account, or a profile from a competitor (where you don't have access rights too):

Read more about connecting social profiles to your CX Social account in the support article below, or watch the recording of the webinar on connecting social profiles to quickly learn the best tips and tricks!



How to Connect Your Own Social Profile to CX Social (Authorized Connection)?


Why Should You Connect Your Own Profiles Like This?

​In case you'd like to monitor your own social profile to which you have access rights, it would be best to connect this as an Authorized Connection. This gives additional benefits such as:

  • Ability to publish content to your profile from within CX Social, as well as interacting with the audience (replying, liking, RT'ing,...). 
    Note: not all social profiles allow publishing through third party apps yet.
  • In case of a Facebook page, Twitter or Tumblr account, we'll track Private Messages as well.
  • More and deeper Insights for some social profiles (e.g. Facebook Pages).


How Do You Connect a Profile as Authorized Connection?

There are 2 main steps to achieving an Authorized Connection for your Profile:

Step 1: Connect the Profile on a Personal level

In order to create an Authorized Connection, you'll first need to connect the Profile on a personal level. In this way, we get an access token, which allows us to access all information we need. 

No worries though, this doesn't mean that we have access to your personal details, nor do other Users in the account. You can compare this step by if you were to work on Facebook itself. If you want to publish something on your Facebook Page there, you first need to log in with your personal account too before you can switch to the page.

Go to Settings > Personal Settings > Connected Profiles, and click the button of the service you want to connect:

If you're doing this for the first time, you will be redirected to the service itself where you are asked to authorize our app.

This is extremely important. Not allowing all steps means we won't have enough permissions to connect the account as authorized. Again, granting these permissions to us does not mean that we will access your personal data. 

Note: Make sure to be logged in on the platform itself with the account you wish to connect. Eg. when connecting multiple Twitter accounts, you will need to sign out, and log back in with the account you want to connect. 

If these steps were successful, you will see a green success message. No need to worry if you just see your personal account connected, and not yet your page. We'll get to this in Step 2!

Step 2: Connect the Profile to a Topic, so that all Users in the account have access to it

Congrats! You have now installed a connection between CX Social and the Social Profile on a personal level. However, since this is personal, the other users in the account won't be able to use it yet, nor can we track the activity on the page. In order to achieve this, you have to make a connection on Account level

Go to Settings > Topics, and 'Edit' an existing one, or click 'Add Topic' to create a new one. Not quite sure what we mean by 'Topic'? Have a look here

Once you're there, you'll see a list of available streams on the right side of your screen. Click the icon of the social profile you'd like to connect:

Next you'll get a pop-up screen. Your Social Profiles will be listed automatically under 'Authorized Connections', just click the 'Add' button next to it.

In case your profile isn't there, you probably skipped a phase in Step 1, or you don't have enough rights and/or permissions to connect the account. 

And that's it! Your account is now connected. In case you did everything as described above, your social profile will have a label saying it was connected as an Authorized Account


How to Connect a Social Profile from a Competitor to CX Social?

Connecting a Social Profile of a competitor (or one to which you don't have sufficient user permissions) is pretty easy. 

Go to Settings > Topics and 'Edit' an existing one, or click 'Add Topic' to create a new one. Not quite sure what we mean by 'Topic'? Have a look here

Once you're there, you'll see a list of available streams on the right side of your screen. Click the icon of the social profile you'd like to connect:


In the dialog screen that pops up, you can enter the name of the account in the search bar. Then hit 'Search'.

We will then show a list with results. Click the 'Add' button to start monitoring this account. 

In case your search didn't bring up any results, you can also copy paste the url to the account there and then hit 'Search'.

Note: Connecting your account like this (without an Authorized Connection) means we won't be able to track Private Messages and more advanced Insights for this account. Also, you won't be able to publish on this account through CX Social. 


Important: Reconnecting Social Profiles

From time to time, you will need to reconnect your Social Profiles. We will show you an error message when it's time to do so. Make sure you do this as soon as you notice it, since you might miss out on data otherwise. 

This is due to the fact that most services require this from external applications (such as CX Social). Unfortunately this is a limitation of the services itself, so not really something we can work around.


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