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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:53AM EST
CX Social offers extensive options for filtering within tracked data, as explained in the article on filtering
When you find yourself using the same filter very often, saving it as a saved filter enables you to use it again whenever you need it. Additionally, in the Saved filters Overview you will be able to see the name of the person who created the filter and/or who edited the filter afterwards.
In CX Social we have two different types of filters you can save:
Mention filters are used to focus on specific data sets. If you frequently use the same filter to find certain mentions in your inbox then it’s a great idea to save and name the filter for future use. You can use your (saved) mention filters in your Inbox, Dashboards, Insights, and Team Performance
Here’s an example of a mention filter used in the Inbox tab:
Publishing filters are filters specifically for the Publishing tab. These filters are used to keep a clear overview of planned and posted content. This filter is especially handy when you have multiple profiles connected to your topic and you want to see scheduled or posted content for a specific profile(s)

Here's an example of a publisher filter to give an overview of specific content:


How do you save a 'Saved Filter'?

To store your current filter settings as a saved filter, click the 'save' button at the bottom of the filter dialog.


How do you access a 'Saved Filter'?

You can retrieve your previously saved filter by selecting it in the dropdown menu that appears in the dialog at the bottom left.


How do you edit/delete existing 'Saved Filters'?

You can edit or delete your Saved Filters in your settings. Go to Account Settings > Saved Filters and you’ll get an overview of all your saved filters. Here you can edit the filters or simply delete them.

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